Leftover Fried Chicken For Lunch

One of the really nice things about fried chicken is that it is great as a leftover. In some ways it is even better cold, the favour of the coating kind of mellows out. Is really funny to me that I am saying anything chicken is a good thing. Thankfully with my wife and I there is no fighting about who eats what pieces of fried chicken. Even with fried chicken I think the legs and thighs are a bad thing, my wife likes them so I get the white meat.

Lunches for me are usually something fast and simple and leftover fried chicken is that. You just have to take it out of the fridge and eat it. It’s spring break so our daughter is off for the week and that means my wife is home. So the fried chicken is likely to be the only fast and simple lunch I have this week. So not only did I enjoy the fried chicken it made me wish I had made more, could of stretch maybe one more fast and simple lunch out of it. Doubling down on fast and simple today and making bacon and eggs for supper. Since Easter starts Friday this is going to be a week of simple meals. Next week I plan on having fun playing with some recipes.

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