Fried Chicken Now A Good Thing

Whole chickens were on sale again so my wife wanted fried chicken. She knows I have a great dislike for roast chicken and tolerate most other chicken dish. Great dislike isn’t really strong enough I actually hate roast chicken. Long story about that, I won’t get into but roast chicken comes close to pumpkin pie in my book. Fried chicken on the other hand I really like. Cooking fried chicken was something I could only get away with cooking every 2 or 3 years, my wife didn’t like the smell in the house when I made it. So over the years we had a lot of KFC and Chicken Chef. Now it’s ok to cook fried chicken, the air exchange system in our new house gets rid of all the smell in about an hour. So now I have the feeling I will be making fried chicken often. Think fish and chips might be on the menu after Easter and maybe sweet and sour pork, sesame chicken, and a few other things. Will he nice using my deep-fryer that had been packed away.

Making the fried chicken the same way as I did a couple of weeks ago. This time I did remember to get a paper bag at the checkout. Using a paper bag to coat the chicken I think is the absolute best way to do it. Most people I think would say it is because the mess stays in the bag, and yes that is true but isn’t the reason I prefer it. When you use a paper bag you get to shake the daylights out of it. What all the shaking does if ruff the skin up and some of the coating gets under the skin. You end up with a crispier fried chicken, and crispy chicken is a great thing. So no recipe because it is already on my site. But since I finish my chicken in the oven the picture is so you can see how consistent a result you get. Other thing doing it in the oven is you get to relax rather than spending all your time at the stove.

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