Limited With What I Put In Beef Stew

Not many recipes this week because it has been a week of things I have made before. Sunday was ham, Monday was leftovers, Tuesday I made cantonese chow mein, last night was ham and eggs with beans and tonight is beef stew. So everything has been posted at least once on my site. Even tomorrow will be sweet and sour pork buttons. In some ways I like weeks like this because it gives me time to think about other things, but I still prefer playing in the kitchen.

Any stew is a delicious and simple thing to make, that gives you time to do other things. My beef stew is something I don’t change much. I have two basic ways of making it, either with beef stock or tomatoes. Tonight is with beef stock, either way I do it the vegetables are the same. Carrots, onions, celery, and turnip are in everyone. Sometimes I put potatoes in but that depends on how much bread I want to have. There are some other things I would like to have in every stew but my wife doesn’t like having them.

If I made stew just for myself it would always have parsnips and mushrooms. Neither of them my wife wants in any stew. Tonight I am adding mushrooms and I know everyone that hits my wife’s plate will end up on my plate. The parsnips just can’t go in at all and I understand why for her taste they shouldn’t. The parsnips actually flavour the whole stew so if you don’t like them and pick them out your still going to taste them. There’s one more thing that I miss greatly in stew and it doesn’t get added for two reasons. My wife doesn’t like them and my recipe only works with the full recipe, it’s kind of a science problem.

Dumplings I totally love with stew and my wife won’t even try eating them. I only have them about on very rare occasions. When I do make them most end up in the trash because they don’t make good leftovers. Over the years I have tried making about a quarter of my recipe but that didn’t work. Dumplings need to cover about 80% of the stew to cook properly. Everytime I have tried to have just 2 dumplings they never turn out. They turn into a flat soggy mess. Reason it happen is the amount of steam doesn’t allow them to rise while they cook, it causes them to spread. So no dumplings for my stew unless I am making it for more than my wife and I, and that is a shame. Now I haven’t given up on just 2 dumplings I just haven’t found a recipe that works. So every so often I drive my wife a little crazy with a new experiment with two dumplings. Hopefully I will find one that works.

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2 Responses to Limited With What I Put In Beef Stew

  1. Make your dumplings properly…take the leftover ones, quarter and fry in bacon fat for breakfast.

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