An Unexpected Effect From Getting A Vaccine Appointment

Getting an appointment for the covid vaccine last Saturday gave an instant feeling of relief. Living for the last year with covid changing how we live has been trying to say the least. So many family things just couldn’t happen, so because of the rules and others my wife and my choice. So the feeling of relief was an expected thing that made Saturday a great day.

Monday I noticed another effect that was totally unexpected in myself. If I had to put a label on how I look at life and everything else it would be optimistic pragmatist. I have never been a person who worries about things. Stuff happens and worrying about it won’t make it happen or stop it from happening. When stuff happens, and I am being polite using stuff, you just have to deal with it and move on. Monday I found out I to run out and do somethings. Monday evening I found myself worrying that now that I have the appointment running out could put me in danger of getting covid this close to getting vaccinated. It took me a few minutes to realize what was happening and I few more to realize how stupid I was being and put a stop to it. We have kept ourselves safe with the things we are doing and we will continue to do them. Nothing changed just because we got an appointment so worrying now is just plain idiotic.

I can see a lot of people giving into that once they get an appointment. The wait time once you get an appointment can have as much of a physiological effect on people as the lockdown has had. Think the effect of wait time wasn’t looked at when the vaccine roll out was started. Understand the complexity to vaccine distribution and the urgency of it, but it should of been considered. An eighteen day wait from the time you get an appointment till you get the vaccine is to long. For those people who let worry be a big part of their lives that prolonged wait time can cause of serious effect on their mental health. Just one more effect that covid is going to have on the mental health of people. Those effects will follow people the rest of their lives and too many people won’t seek out the help they will need.

I try not to preach on my blog unless I am preaching about food, but sometimes what I see I feel needs to be said. So if you know someone who has an appointment with long wait time reach out and talk to them. Find out how their doing and if waiting is having any effect on them. Just their talking about how their doing will be a great help to them. One of the best things we can do for our mental health is the simplest thing, talk to someone. So please reach out and talk to someone who needs it.

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1 Response to An Unexpected Effect From Getting A Vaccine Appointment

  1. A_Boleyn says:

    I didn’t have to wait near that long (65, in a Red Zone in Ontario) but even those few days were stressful so eighteen days seems ENDLESS.

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