My Appreciation

When I started this blog over two years ago it was to give me something to do in my retirement and to give our children the recipes for what and how I cook. As our daughter put it my legacy project so that even our grandchildren would have my recipes. Our family likes what I cook so it seemed like the perfect thing for me to do. I thought given it was on WordPress there might be a very few other people that would see it and laugh at it. There is nothing fancy about what I cook, it’s just good food and for the life of me I couldn’t see anyone other than our family ever wanting to look at the recipes I cook.

This journey with my blog has surprised me. Surprised really doesn’t express it, it has totally amazed and astounded me. People found my blog, people started following my blog, I couldn’t believe it. When people started leaving me messages it shocked me. I couldn’t believe people actually liked what I cooked. It took me awhile to figure out how to put pictures on the posts, and I admit that I don’t take very good pictures. I actually thought the pictures would drive people away given it was just a picture of my supper. I was wrong more and more people started visiting, following and leaving comments. That totally amazed me, and then people actually started making my recipes. I could not believe the number of people I started to see visiting, and it has become thousands. My goofy blog made for our children turned into something else, shocking for a goof like me.

I started to notice that some recipes were getting lots of views and I couldn’t figure out why. The recipes were simple recipes that my wife thought I was crazy to put on my blog. The one that astounded me was my post Sweet And Sour Pork Buttons. When it started getting hundreds of views a week I couldn’t believe it. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how all those people were even finding my blog. So after we got settled into our new house I decided to see if I could find out how. I did the simple thing, I googled pork buttons. I just about dropped my tablet, there was my recipe, the third hit on google. After I picked my jaw off the floor I sent our kids and my wife a text telling them to google pork buttons. It surprised them as much as it had me.

I appreciate everyone who visits my blog and looks at my recipes. The people who follow my blog and leave comments I can’t express how much I appreciate you. You have turned my blog into something that is very special to me. Retirement can be boring for some, mine is not. Everyday I look forward to seeing who has visited and reading the comments. I have started thinking about things I haven’t made for years that were really good, making them and posting them. My blog has become a big part of my life and a large part of the joy I find in life. Yes it’s is still a blog for my family, but now includes my blog family. I truly appreciate the fun and joy you all have given me. So I will continue posting my simple little recipes with my crappy pictures.

Thank You All


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6 Responses to My Appreciation

  1. I can’t remember how I found your blog, but I am jolly glad that I did. The fun you have in cooking is infectious.

  2. cookingflip says:

    What I like about your recipes is they are not intimidating–the ingredients are usually what we would already have in our kitchen, and your method is simple. You do take good pictures, and your meals look delicious.

    • Our son-in-law is a professional award winning photographer and he would disagree with they are good pictures. Yes I cook simple meals that anyone can cook with things they have all the time in the house. Sometimes I do get a little fancy, like with Christmas breakfast, but complicated recipes are not necessary to make meals that taste great. It bugs my wife that I don’t make my plate look super fancy like what you see in cookbooks. It’s my supper and I just want to eat it so a quick picture and then I can eat.

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