Some days I Don’t Feel Like Cooking

There are days when I don’t really feel like doing anything, not even cook something. Even lunch today was a bowl of cereal, yesterday I had planned on making an omelette for lunch today. Thankfully I don’t have many days where I feel so lazy I don’t want to cook. Before covid 19 screwed everything in Manitoba up this would of been a day we went out for supper. I could order something but I prefer my food hot, not lukewarm. That’s the bad thing about ordering something, when it arrives it’s not hot. With our new house it is even worse because we are out of the city and nothing is really close. Of all the little conveniences that covid has screwed up not being able to go to a restaurant for supper is the one that bugs me the most. Not that we went out for supper often it’s that we now can’t. Yes the restaurants are open with limited capacity, but you still have to take your mask off to eat. For young people the sense your impervious to things allows you to take advantage of the restaurants being open with limitations. For my wife and I it isn’t worth the risk. So I may not want to cook today but I have to because of covid and that bugs me too. So supper is going to be as simple as I can make it. A pork stir fry and rice, so no recipe or pictures of this one. Hopefully we get vaccinated soon and then on days when I don’t feel like cooking it will be safe enough for us to go to a restaurant. Not many times I wish I had frozen tv dinners but days like this that’s what supper would of been. Ok venting is over.

About Graham Stewart

This is me on a bad day.
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  1. No option but to cook, is there! I keep back a portion of, for example, a stew, in the freezer for days like that, or days when we are late returning from the hospital. A flemish rabbit stew is the current back up.

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