What’s A Bacon Sarnie?

My wife and I watch Coronation Street every evening, it’s our favourite show to watch together. She is late to the show only about 20 years. I have watched it since I was a kid. My mother watched it Sunday mornings and with only one tv there was no choice but to watch it. As I got older I actually started to look forward to watching it. My wife thought I was really goofy for years because I would get up early Sunday to watch it. Back then she thought it was a stupid show. When CBC started showing it in the evenings she started watching it with me. Now it’s her favourite show, think she likes it more than I do. Missed some of the shows over the years and as soon as we got a VCR it was the first thing we set up to record. Still missed a few because the tape ran out. Now with the PVR we don’t miss any. Even when we went on a 3 week road trip we had them all. Took a while to catch up but my wife was happy because she didn’t miss any.

Over the years of watching the show they have talked about different food with strange names. Most I knew what they were because my grandfather had used the terms. Ploughman’s lunch, cold meats, cheese, bread, and pickles. Pickles weren’t dill pickles it was piccalilli. Hot pots and many other things I knew exactly what they were. Even Eccles cake was something I knew, my mother made them. There were two things that I had no idea what they were, because you never saw anyone eat one. It bugged me for years, what was a bacon sarnie and a bacon butty.

So when I was first able to do research on the internet I think it was the second thing I looked at, the first was Oak Island. When I found out what a bacon sarnie was I laughed, I been eating them my whole life, or so I thought at the time. A bacon sarnie is a bacon sandwich, and so is a bacon butty. Think why I didn’t figure it out was because on Coronation they talk about other sandwiches and call them sandwiches. Things like cheese and pickle sandwiches. Growing up I always saved a piece of bacon and a piece of toast at breakfast. I would make a sandwich out of it. I even ordered bacon sandwiches in restaurants often. So I thought mystery solved and forgot about it for a few years. Then when I was watching a British cooking show I found out I had never really had a bacon sarnie. The 2 women who hosted the show made a bacon sarnie. They pointed out that a true bacon sarnie couldn’t be made with back bacon or streaky bacon. To make a true bacon sarnie you could only use English bacon. So I looked around for a couple of years for English bacon but couldn’t find any. When I seen it in the local little butcher shop my mind immediately said, you can make a bacon sarnie. Needless to say I bought the English bacon. So lunch today was a treat, a true bacon sarnie. It was fun to make and even better to eat. It can be made with either buttered bread or toast, my choice was toast. So bacon hot out of the frying pan straight onto the toast add a little brown sauce and eat quickly. Realized while eating it that English bacon is different, it’s the best of both back bacon and streaky bacon all in one. Best of all is I can make it again because I can buy English bacon at the butcher shop that is 3 minutes away.

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3 Responses to What’s A Bacon Sarnie?

  1. Learn something every day, I say. Thanks for the education!

  2. Emily B says:

    I love this!! It’s so funny to think that something that I’ve eaten my whole life is unknown in some places! I think ‘English’ bacon is truly the best in the world. English friends in the US and Canada really miss it. You need a dollop of brown sauce (HP sauce) for the real sarnie experience!

    • Yes I was impressed with the English bacon, nice thing is I can now get it all the time. Brown sauce is always in my fridge, like it on eggs. Have an expat friend who was one of the Queens guard who also laughed when I told him. He also hooked me up with Typho tea, now I can get it here. Lots of expats now in Winnipeg for lots more British brands available. Including picalilli.

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