My Goofy Study Of Back Bacon (Canadian Bacon), Bacon (American Bacon), Rashers (English Bacon)

There is a reason for why I spent some time looking at bacon. Specifically rashers, English style bacon as it was a term for bacon I grew up with. Three rashers of bacon was what you had on your plate with the fried eggs. After my trip to the new butcher shop I found English style bacon, which I hadn’t seen since I was a kid. I did buy some just for something I am making for lunch tomorrow. It got me thinking about something my grandfather told me about bacon. His thing was that the bacon we see really wasn’t bacon it was just something that was created in America. As he called it streaky bacon was a poor substitute for the real thing. So I decided to do a little research into the differences between the 3 different styles of bacon. My grandfather I hate to admit with bacon was a little wrong on the poor substitute for real bacon. Think he was letting his English heritage cloud his judgment. What I found was that the differences are only in how the cut of meat is butchered. Back Bacon is just the loin, bacon is just the belly, English Bacon is the two together and cut a little thicker. What I found was a way to create more profit from the pig. Instead of leaving the loin attached to the belly and selling it as bacon, split them. You create two products that you can sell separately and increase your profit. Smart marketing not making a product that is a poor substitute. So all three types are still bacon and all three are just really good to eat.

So what did I buy the English style bacon for? That’s tomorrow’s post, and it is going to be fun for me. Making something for lunch that for a lot of years I had no idea what it was. It was one of the first things I looked for when the internet became a tool for research. Made me laugh for about 5 minutes when I found out what it was, but that’s tomorrow.

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6 Responses to My Goofy Study Of Back Bacon (Canadian Bacon), Bacon (American Bacon), Rashers (English Bacon)

  1. I always thought “rasher” was an Irish term. I’d never heard it until I went there.

  2. I grew up in New Zealand, my parents always used the term ‘rasher of bacon’ . I now live in Australia, when I buy bacon at the deli I always buy bacon by the rasher.

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