Little Things That Have No Name

This week I have been trying to make different things for supper. That consisted of making old favourites and things I don’t make often. Tonight I decided to make something we maybe have once a year and sometimes it’s a couple of years between making it. Probably one of the simplest things I make, yet one of the best tasting things. It has been well over a year since the last time I made them. I have some really good thick cut bacon and this is a perfect use for it. Originally bought it for a breakfast for supper and then used some of it for potato soup. My original plan was to have a salad with them but my wife wanted soup, so we had soup.

The first time I had these our sister-in-law made them for a late night snack when we were there playing cards. They were so good I have been making them ever since. I did make a small modification, the cheese slices became old cheddar and the tomatoes got some salt and pepper. We have had them for lunch and for supper and even as a late night snack. Over the at least 40 plus years I have made them I have never gave them a name. When I have asked my wife if she wanted them I have just said, do you want the bacon, tomato, cheese, bun things. Guess you could call them an open faced broiled sandwich. What ever they are called they are just a delicious thing, and really simple to make. These combination of the bacon finishing cooking on top of the tomato and the melted cheese is a perfect combination. These is for 4 buns, if you make more just increase everything.

4 kiaser buns cut in half

6 slices of bacon cut in 4 pieces and about half cooked

Sliced tomatoes enough to top each piece of bun

Sliced old cheddar cheese to cover each piece of bun

Salt and pepper to taste

Cover the buns with cheese, top the cheese with the tomato and sprinkle with salt and pepper, place 3 pieces of bacon on each bun. Place buns under the broiler with the grate about 6 inch down from the element. Broil on high for about 5 minutes, you want the bacon to finish cooking and the cheese to be melted.

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