Tomorrow Is Going To Be A Great Day

It’s hard to explain how excited I am for tomorrow to get here. I have been looking forward to this day for weeks. Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut. That may not seem like it should be a big deal, but for me it sure is. My last hair cut was months ago, yes it needs to be counted in months not weeks. It was September 3rd when I had my hair cut the last time. It’s coming up to a year since the lock downs that covid started and in that time this is going to be my third hair cut. Before covid forced everything to change I got my hair cut every month. When your old and goofy looking with snow white hair like me, having long hair is not a good look. Will say there was a time when my hair was longer but that was a long time ago. When your 22 you can get way with that, didn’t even have a mustache that year. Worst part of that year was I had my picture taken for the company news letter. My wife keeps that terrible picture in her purse for some weird reason. So it may be a little thing but having my hair not cut monthly really bugs me. So yes I am very excited about sitting in the barber chair tomorrow at 11:30. Hopefully there will be no more lock downs and I can get back to getting my hair cut regularly.

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This is me on a bad day.
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4 Responses to Tomorrow Is Going To Be A Great Day

  1. You have my sympathy!
    My hairdresser has packed up….she is not allowed to work but has had to pay rent on her stand in the major wholesale veg market in the capital and she just cannot continue.
    A real pain for not only is she a nice person, hard working, supporting a family and paying her way in life, but she understands how to cut European hair!
    My lawyer is trying to sort out some way of helping her and we would certainly join in on a loan as best we could, but it is a catastrophy for her.
    She used to have a salon in an hotel…when it closed, she found her stand in the market – a totally different clientele and on a much lower base of tariffs but she built up her trade and all was going well until the bug struck….
    What really annoys me is that several people – expats – admire the cut she does, but once they learn where she works, turn up their noses and will not patronise her.

    • Yes some people have really gotten kicked with this and it is a shame. I know my barber found at the start of this some people wouldn’t let her cut their hair because she is Asian. Narrow minded people are a pain.

    • Just thought of something for your hair dresser. She sounds like a proud woman. Maybe she could start a come to your home business, she could be paid extra for the service which she would deserve. She keeps her pride and those that can help her out. My sister-in-laws hair dresser did it after the first shut down in March.

      • If she wants to do that we will certainly help out…but her clients come from all over….I travel over an hour into San Jose, for example…a lot of those who come to her stand on the marjet live miles away too, so she might have to try to start up a round from scratch…but I’ll ring her and see if it helps.

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