My Pizza Dough Gets Used

If you don’t want a crispy crust then only 1 day in the fridge is enough. If you want a thick crust only 6 hours in the fridge works. We both like crispy crust and the 2 days gives you that.

Today is pizza day, and after 2 days of waiting I get to use the pizza dough. Kind of been fun making the dough, will make it more often now that I started making it again. Haven’t made calzone in a few years or focaccia and this dough works great for both. The dough gets used for pizza today and it’s one extra large pizza. Half is pepperoni and mushroom and the other side ham and pineapple, but the toppings don’t matter.

This dough is very easy to work with, no rolling just spread it out with your hands. Over the times I made the dough I found spreading it out to a good sized circle on the counter and then finishing the spreading in the pizza pan works best. It is actually a lot of fun spreading it out, kind of a therapeutic thing. Take a clump of dough and end up with a pizza.

Since I made an extra large pizza cutting it in wedges is out of the question. Did that years ago and it was kind of hard to handle. Easiest thing is cutting it in sort of square pieces. Domino’s pizza has been cutting their’s that way for years. Doesn’t really matter how you cut a pizza, what matters is how it tastes. With any pizza half of how you enjoy it is the crust and this dough makes a great crust. Any pizza when it comes out of the oven needs the edge brushed with either garlic butter or garlic olive oil. Brushing the edge makes you want to eat it, no crust left is always a good thing. After making this pizza with the dough it may be awhile before I go back to using tortillas for the crust.

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  1. Right, i shall try the two day system.

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