New Year’s Eve Supper

A few months ago I had plans for our New Year’s Eve supper but that I decided to change. Originally I was actually going to make two different meals, one for my wife and one for me. This I have done a few times before, mainly because my wife usually wants something I don’t. My idea was to make manicotti for my wife and mussels for myself. We had lasagna Christmas Eve so another pasta dish for my wife didn’t seem like a good idea. So I went the safe route, I ask her what I should make. Her reply surprised me, she said the pork dish with the noodles that you made before. Now that actually pleased me, pork with lots of zeal is just a great meal. It actually got me two of the three great compliments anyone who cooks can get, that was delicious and you have to make this again. It was a recipe I hadn’t made for about 30 years it had gotten parked and forgotten about. This has been a different week after Christmas for us, no turkey leftovers and will be a quiet New Year’s Eve. Making the pork with lots of zeal will be fun and my wife loves it. Don’t know what others are going to do this New Year’s Eve but ours sure is simple, supper with a glass of wine and watching Coronation Street while we eat. Won’t stay up to see the new year arrive either. New Year’s day I get to cook a turkey so that is going to be our leftover week which sure is different.

The recipe for pork with lots of zeal is a January, 2020 post.

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