Our Covid Christmas Breakfast

This is the first normal breakfast that I have made in over 20 years. Like any other of those years I spent a couple of months planning what I would make. I held on to the hope that we could have our normal Christmas. That isn’t what we ended up with because of covid 19. Since for the first time in our lives it is just my wife and I, breakfast is very quiet. I knew my wife would miss the joyful noise of our kids and grandkids so breakfast had to be something special and just for her. My plan for breakfast may have changed but the joy of making a special breakfast hasn’t. Christmas breakfast has become a giant part of how I celebrate Christmas, it’s what happens when you fall down the rabbit hole that I have. Can’t remember exactly why I got the idea of making something different every Christmas for breakfast. Presume it had to be a recipe I found that was unique and different. What ever it was I am glad it happened. I have had so much fun and have created some great memories for our family. Covid may have stopped me from doing this year’s breakfast for my family, but I still got to make a special breakfast for a special person, my wife. One of my wife’s favourite things to have for breakfast in a restaurant is waffles with fruit and whipped cream. So her Christmas breakfast is just that, waffles with her favourite fruit, fresh raspberries, blueberries, and whipped cream. I really like making waffles so I was excited to make them for her, and I like them also. I added back bacon ( not Canadian bacon ) to mine, she just wanted the waffles. So we have one more good memory to add to this year. This will be remembered by our family as the year that a normal breakfast was added to my craziness. They will remember this as the year that they didn’t have a little fear along with the excitement about what I was going to force them to eat for Christmas breakfast.

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4 Responses to Our Covid Christmas Breakfast

  1. Well, no crab or Swiss chard but this looks delicious. Merry Christmas.

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