Still Having Fun With Christmas

Covid 19 has made this a Christmas like none of us has ever seen. We are following all the rules that keep us safe. That is working in Manitoba and the cases are decreasing, which is great now that a vaccine is becoming available. Until everyone has received the vaccine we still have to follow all the rules and ‘we’ will.

Not having a ‘normal’ Christmas isn’t stopping us from having fun with Christmas. Maybe it’s because our family is a little crazy or it’s the nothing will defeat us attitude we have. Our children are spending time finding ways to make this still a fun Christmas. My wife and I are doing the same. I may not be making my normal Christmas breakfast but I am actually looking for to making something normal for Christmas breakfast. After so many years of making crazy off the wall things it is kind of exciting to be doing a normal breakfast. Even my not spending Christmas day cooking is actually going to be fun. It is kind of a treat for me, our daughter is doing the cooking. Since my wife is baby sitting at their place four days a week we can go there. So this Christmas I get to be lazy and just eat the meal, not cook it.

With our kids the nuts didn’t fall far from the tree, they are all great cooks. It will not be my cooking they will have for their Christmas meal but they will still have a great meal. Since I know what they are having I can see they are making this Christmas one with special memories. They all might not be as crazy as I am when it comes to food but they do have a little of my try anything in them.

Our son Ian may be close to being as crazy as I am. He is willing to try any type of food just because it might be good. From things like a tongue sandwich as big as his head to sweet bread. It has been fun seeing his menu for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. He is doing a Charles Dickens Christmas and cooking a goose. That surprised me in a good way, goose is a challenging thing to cook and he has never done it before, Think he thinks it is a french meal since he mentioned Jacques Pepin. To me roast goose, roasted potatoes, and peas and carrots is a English Christmas meal. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of the Christmas meals, which will be another fun thing this covid Christmas. We will still be together for Christmas just in a different way, and we will make great memories. Christmas is a spirit in all of us and nothing will ever stop us from letting the spirit create a fun Christmas.

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2 Responses to Still Having Fun With Christmas

  1. Ian Stewart says:

    Xmas Eve is Northern Italian, Xmas morning is southern US (although the tomatoes are more of an English breakfast thing), and for Xmas dinner the recipe for the peas and carrots is French, and the menu is close to what Jacques Pepin puts out for Xmas and what he had growing up so, that’s French enough I guess. But the goose is pretty Victorian.

    I also added an appetizer to the Xmas dinner, an arugula and fennel salad, because you suggested I wasn’t doing enough special relative to Xmas eve. 🙂

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