A Normal Breakfast This Covid Christmas Morning

Since it will just be my wife and I for breakfast this Christmas morning I did the smart thing. I asked my wife what she wanted me to make her. Knew I wouldn’t be making what I have been making for over 20 years. Figured she wouldn’t want me to make my normal crazy breakfast. She had two ideas, things she really likes. This morning while we were grocery shopping she let me know exactly what she wanted for Christmas Eve supper and Christmas breakfast. The idea that didn’t make the Christmas breakfast, that is really just for her, was egg McMuffins. For some reason she really likes those things, to the point where she even wants them for lunch. Before covid screwed everything up, if we were shopping and I asked what she wanted for lunch egg McMuffins was heard often. So making them for her would of been kind of special for a covid Christmas breakfast. It has probably been 3 years since I have made them so it would of been fun making them. I like them just not as much as she does. What she did decide on will be posted after Christmas. So covid may have changed things, and I can’t do my crazy off the wall Christmas breakfast, but that doesn’t mean we are not going to have a memorable Christmas breakfast. This will be a Christmas breakfast that we talk about for years when I am back doing my crazy things. The one thing covid can never do is stop us from making good memories.

Our normal Christmas Eve supper for the last few years has been ham. We got in the habit of the ham so we had ham as part of our big family Christmas supper. No large family get together this year so no big family meal. Because this year is so different I asked my wife what she wanted. Not having the family around is bugging her so this was my small way of helping with that. Her choice didn’t surprise me. There wasn’t a moment of hesitation for her to say lasagna and ceasar salad. Great thing with that is I have fun making it and really enjoy eating it. Have a feeling that it will now become a traditional thing, part of the memories of this weird year.

A weird and crazy Christmas this year but we are still making it a good Christmas filled with memories.

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2 Responses to A Normal Breakfast This Covid Christmas Morning

  1. Lasagna and Ceasar salad…yes! That’s a great Christmas Eve dinner!

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