Ham, Mushroom, Cheese Omelette

Tonight is taco night which is a very simple supper for us. Honestly think I could make them blindfolded, since I have made them so many times. So this morning I was thinking I should make myself a treat for lunch. It was also a need to use a couple of mushrooms I had in the fridge. Still have ham left, which so far has given us 2 meals and lunches. Tomorrow will have another meal with the ham and put what’s left in the bag with the bone for stock. Think everyone knows how to make an omelette but there is a little trick with using mushrooms.

So this is really simple but with the mushrooms you need to cook them first. Preheat a frying pan on medium high heat, add 1 tablespoon water then the mushrooms. Cook until the water has evaporated then add 2 teaspoons of butter, cook for about one more minute. Remove to a plate and retain. Thinly slice enough ham to cover half of the omelette and place on the same plate as the mushrooms. Grate about 2 tablespoons old cheddar cheese. Preheat the same frying pan you cooked the mushrooms in on medium heat. Beat 2 eggs and add to the frying pan, salt and pepper the egg. Microwave the ham and mushrooms for 25 seconds just before using. Cook covered until the top is set, flip over and add ham and mushrooms to one half. Add cheese to the other half, cover and remove from heat. Wait one minute, uncover and fold the cheese side on the ham and mushroom side and serve.

Yes I salt and peppered my toast.

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