Taking My Poor Quality Pictures

I get a laugh out of friends telling me I need to take better pictures. Most of the pictures I take just before I am going to stuff my face with the food. To say I am in a rush to get the picture taken would be an understatement. Usually my mouth is watering and all I want to do is get to the table. Guess you could say I really don’t care what the picture turns out looking like. Could get our son-in-law to take pictures since he is a professional photographer, but that would be cooking to take a picture. I cook because it is our supper. Will admit that if our son-in-law took the picture it would be a thousand times better than mine.

Normally my pictures are just the finished product, on my plate just before I take it to the table. Lately I have been taking more and there is a reason for that. I am using the new WordPress Block-Editor. It has been a learning experience figuring out how to put the pictures on the blog and then how to move them around. So the mac and cheese post I took extra poor pictures so I could play on my post. It may of taken me awhile to figure it out but I made it work. Guess I could of had our son Ian come over and show me how the new system worked, but what fun would that of been. I like figuring out how to do things on my own. Learning new things and making them work is fun. Will admit I was getting a little irritated with it at the start, but as little changes popped up it became pure fun. Complained to Ian about some things and he passed them along to those working on the editor. Will be nice to see the final finished product.

Will I keep taking extra poor pictures, NO. As I said in another post my site is about the recipe and the food not the picture. Will I try and take better pictures, maybe. That will depend on how hungry I am and how quickly I want to stuff my face. But with some things I might try a little harder to take a better picture. Don’t expect great pictures from me, you will find simple easy recipes that taste good.

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This is me on a bad day.
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