Smoked Oysters

I don’t know why I crave smoked Oysters but every so often I just can’t walk by them in the grocery store. Just about everytime I am in the store I think about buying them. There a craving I have to fight because you can’t even trick yourself into thinking the might be a healthy thing to eat. Maybe if you smoked them yourself they might make the slightly healthy list. The ones in the can are actually something that you only want rarely. Thing is they are delicious and I could have them weekly. I really like oyster cooked any way and even raw. So since I gave into my craving, smoked oysters and toast was my lunch today. As I was eating them I started thinking about how long I have been enjoying them. I was a kid the first time I had them so lets just say it’s a long time. They have changed over that time and I wondered why. The can use to be about double the size and the smoked oysters about 3 times bigger. They were big plump oysters and kind of burst in your mouth. There were only about 10 of them in the can because of how big they were. Now they are smaller and all most dry, but they still taste great. Smoked mussels use to be the small dry cousin of a smoked oyster. Now you can hardly tell them apart which is a shame. Smoked mussels I like also but thankfully those I don’t crave. I would sure like to know what happened to the big plump smoked oysters that use to be in the can. Still even those wouldn’t be healthy. Just to make things even less healthy when I have them I dip my toast in the oil in the can. It is a very good thing I only give into my craving for them a couple of times a year.

This made me think about other things in cans that have changed. Canned salmon, tuna, and even canned ham all come in smaller cans. Those I understand stand why the can is smaller. As prices increased they decreased the size of the can and kept the price the same. What’s inside the cans hasn’t changed it is still the same. Smoked oysters didn’t fair as well, the product in the can changed. Herefords corned beef in the can hasn’t changed at all. I give in to the craving for it only about every 3 or 4 years thankfully. It hasn’t changed, I have changed, it just isn’t very good but I still have to buy it. As silly as it sounds I still enjoy it when I do buy it. It brings back good memories and that’s makes it worth eating.

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This is me on a bad day.
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2 Responses to Smoked Oysters

  1. We have a stash of tins of smoked oysters…to be eaten just as you describe when the urge strikes.
    A Fray Bentos steak and kidney pie in a tin was heaven for a hard up student and when in the U.K I would always buy one to bring home – even though the tin was distinctly smaller than I remember it being.

    • I use to be able to buy the steak and kidney pie in the tin here. Haven’t been able to find it for about 15 years which is a shame. I would buy it a couple of times a year. It was always ok and I always enjoyed eating it.

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