Leftover Lunch

96FAC919-630D-437D-8B67-2FA57DE631D4Today I get to take it easy which is a nice change after the last few weeks. So no bowl of cereal or toast and jam for lunch. Still lunch for me has to be a simple thing. Had a half a bbqed loin pork chop in the fridge and it was time to eat it. First thought was to just slice it and have it with pickles and cheese. When I started cutting it I changed my mind and decided to have a sandwich, with pickles on the side. I should of put the pickles on the plate before I took the picture, but my mind was on eating it. So very thinly sliced bbqed pork, thinly sliced old cheddar cheese, toasted marble bread, and grainy mustard makes a very good lunch. Yes I did the goofy thing I do with all sandwiches, salt and pepper the bread. In my wierd mind it just makes sense to salt and pepper the bread rather than what you put in the sandwich. You get the salt and pepper on both sides of what your putting in the sandwich and more importantly it’s easier to see how much your using. I also think it makes the sandwich taste better, or it could be I am just wierd. If you have never tried salt and peppering the bread you should. You may just be surprised at the difference in the taste. Lunch with the sandwich and pickles was a very nice lunch after a the cereal, toast and jam, and ramen noodles.

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This is me on a bad day.
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