Just Chicken And Some Vegetables

0A767237-594E-471F-861B-5FD266378A60We have had a busy week so supper has been just something quick. Today was disgustingly hot and humid and I didn’t want to spend much time making anything. So it was just bbq something and keep it simple. Since we have been eating alot of hamburgers and hotdogs we really didn’t want potatoes or rice. Simple thing is just have lots of vegetables and since it’s summer tomatoes are always a good choice. Carrots, broccoli, and broccoli stems sliced, add a little butter and microwave for 3 minutes. It was actually nice just to have the vegetables, sometimes potatoes and rice aren’t needed. The broccoli stems I really like, trimmed and sliced into disks. Since my wife doesn’t like water chestnuts they have been my replacement for them in stir frying for years. I just like them by themselves, they have a nice crunch even when cooked. I know alot of people throw them out and that is a waste because they are delicious. Hopefully we are finally getting a break in the heat and humidity and I will feel like doing some creative cooking again.

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This is me on a bad day.
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