A Week Of Nothing New

This is kind of a boring week in the kitchen for me, but still have had very good meals. Been busy doing things around the house so it has been simple meals that are like old friends. Farmers sausage, tacos, and I did have a steak with chicken for my wife. Tonight is spaghetti with a meat sauce I have in the freezer. Rest of the week will likely be more of the same. As much as I like playing with things and making new meals sometimes that doesn’t happen. Summer is a time that I kind of shut down the creativity in the kitchen. I actually bbg often and that means hotdogs and hamburgers. Throw in chicken, pork chops, and steak, but they all are simple things to cook. Chicken my wife likes it bbqed very simply and steak I don’t play with. I spent years trying different things on steak but found I just want to taste the steak not other things. So for the summer my playing in the kitchen is limited to rainy days when my wife wants something different. Think other people have it the same in the summer. I have looked at other blogs and they seem to have slowed down with the number of posts. Thankfully the old friend meals are things with enjoy.

About Graham Stewart

This is me on a bad day.
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