Mega Everything, Is It A Road To Disaster

It may be a have to much time on my hands, or that I just like researching things, or maybe a bit of both. Since covid 19 attacked us, I have been looking at where it has hit the worst, and in those areas where it started. It quickly became clear that where the outbreaks started was in areas that had large groups of people. It started with the mega-market in Wuhan and as it continued to spread it hit the mega gathering points in other cities. Peking now has an outbreak connected to another mega-market, which has now spread outward from it. As I looked at all the outbreaks around the world mega places caused the explosions of cases. Mega food factories, mega market, even mega churches all played major roles in the massive spread. Seperation is now how we have started to contain it and maybe it should become part of how we stop the next coronavirus.

Over the years we have been on this mad rush to make everything mega. No one looked at exactly what health risks would come with going nuts on making everything mega. Think about it over the last 40 years businesses in their infinite wisdom have been leading us into a trap. Yes it is a mega-trap. Covid 19 has shown us exactly how dangerous mega anything can be. I remember reading a book” Tactic of Mistakes” , science fiction but the premise was to lead an enemy into a trap by convincing them that they weren’t seeing what they were seeing. What I see, is that is happening with the run to mega everything, we are being lead into a trap. That trap is one that jeopardizes our health. Everyone knows that mega food factories, meg-markets, mega churches etc. are unnecessary and not safe places even if it’s just flu season. Still we blindly follow the lead of businesses creating them, even when common sense tells us it’s not a good thing. Do we say or do anything or are we just letting it happen. Maybe covid 19 might bring us to the point of saying, keep your mega everything out of my life, I don’t want to be tricked into your mega-trap. But then again common sense seems to be in short supply in a lot of places.

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3 Responses to Mega Everything, Is It A Road To Disaster

  1. I think any number of us think like this…but governments just don’t listen.

  2. kachaiweb says:

    I wish common sense was mega too!

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