Bratwurst Makes A Great Hotdog

CF44EA59-B48E-4917-A74F-48503B0AF3CCBratwurst is just a great sausage and it makes a great hotdog. Sausages are something I enjoy, from breakfast sausages to bratwurst. I wish my wife liked them as much as I do, but she doesn’t. I grew up eating them and sausage gravy is something that holds a good memory for me. My wife thinks sausages aren’t that good, but she will eat bratwurst as a hotdog. I would eat a bratwurst anyway you could cook it. One of the best ways I have had them is baked in a bed of sour kraut, which is another thing my wife doesn’t like. Today it was bbq the bratwurst and have them in hotdog buns with a salad. If you have ever bbqed bratwurst it comes with problems. They can explode or burn easily, so I played with different ways to get the product I wanted. This works extremely well and is super simple.

Put the bratwurst in a pot of cold water, bring them to just a boiling point. Turn the heat down and simmer them until they float. Once they are floating simmer them for 10 minutes and then remove them to a plate. Rest them for at least an hour and then poke them gently with a fork, about 2 pokes per sausage. Bbq on low for 5 minutes per side. I like to slice into them with a knife, in a cross hatch pattern, before I put them in the bun, it just makes it easier to eat. Of course for mine cheese, onion, sour kraut, and mustard are a must have, leave the ketchup in the fridge.

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