Manitoba Proved It’s A Great Place To Live

I have always said that there are 2 other places only that I would ever consider living. Victoria BC and Charlottetown PEI are the only two cities other than Winnipeg, both because of the old english feel to them. There are a number of things that make Winnipeg and Manitoba a very good place to call home. Now things have changed because Manitoba proven it is a great province to live in. It has been said that you don’t have to be crazy to live here, but it does help. That’s because of our winters, now that may change to it’s smart to live here. Thanks to our politicians and our people and maybe a little luck we have been the safest place to live in Canada during the covid 19 crisis. Currently there are 6 active cases in Manitoba, all are with the temporary foreign workers that came in 2 weeks ago. This means that of our permanent residents we have gone just short of a month without a new case. That when you look at other places is a very good stat. Manitoba has beaten the virus and now we have to keep it beaten. Hopefully our businesses will continue with their programs of sanitation, their performance at the start says they likely will. Our population got behind it also, and at this point will demand compliance. Yes there are complainers and other jerks but very very few. So is there any other place I would live other than Winnipeg and Manitoba, absolutely NOT. When all of this stuff is history I hope we never forget how good a job we did. From the politicians to the average person we did what was nessecary and it worked. So I say with pride and thanks, Manitoba and Winnipeg is the best place to live in Canada.

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