I Finally Got To BBQ My Steak

AC9E9FDE-22F8-44D9-88F6-DDF3F4AEAAE7The weather has been crappy since I bought my steak, today was sort of decent. It’s been a long time since I bbqed a steak, to long actually. I did try our Genair bbq in our kitchen when we first bought the condo. It has its uses but cooking a steak is one of them. So I have been waiting since last fall and the craving for steak was getting intense. It was a treat to finally have a steak, my wife had her usual chicken. I won’t bore you with how I cooked my steak except to say 650 is the perfect temperature. Patience is something I don’t have when I am wanting a steak, and at 650 it only takes 5 minutes. It was great to have steak, fries, and a salad, which is something I have in a restaurant. The fries were oven fries that I bought because I was thinking about how they were a staple when the kids were little. Was surprised that they were actually good. Still have 3 sirloin cap steaks in the freezer for sometime next week, and lots of chicken for my wife. Hopefully I can find a good price on rib steaks in the next couple of weeks.

About Graham Stewart

This is me on a bad day.
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