Supermarket Butchering

There is a very simple reason I like going to a butcher shop. At a butcher shop you can find meat that is over butchered. As I have said I grew up in a different time were even in a supermarket you were able to find better cuts of meat. Over the years I have watched that change. I remember when I first came to Winnipeg shopping at Dominion Store, and the cuts of meat were different. A round steak has that name because it was kind of round, and you purchased the round steak or they cut you a portion of one. Now in the suppermarkets you never see a round steak, you get top round, bottom round, and eye of round all prepackaged. Sirloin steak is another example of over butchering, it is broken down into 3 separate portions. I find it curious that cutting it that way is a better and less a expensive way to sell the product. Thankfully I can go to a butcher shop and actually find a round steak and sirloin steak. It would be interesting to see the cost breakdown of selling a round steak versus cutting and packaging it into 3 separate pieces. Granted they have separate pricing for the different portions, but does that just mean they have found away to make the consumer pay more. When I use round steak I just buy the cheapest ones I can find. The long cooking time doesn’t change with the different portions, nor does the tenderness when it’s done. Strange thing is that the portions that they put on sale because they aren’t selling are the more expensive ones. They end up selling them for less than the cheapest portion, maybe it would just be better to sell a round steak. The consumer just has to cut the amount they need and freeze the rest for the next time. That’s what I do when I buy a round steak from the butcher shop.

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  1. I miss the butchers’ shops of my young days…they had the carcasses in the cold store and they cut what you wanted. Rabbits had their fur and poultry its feathers. Out in the country I could order from the local chap and have it delivered twice a week…though in that era I could leave my door unlocked too.
    The master butcher whose course I attended was from a family firm supplying top class restaurants in London and he was very informative on how to break down the profit on various cuts according to the custom the butcher enjoyed – restaurant trade was one thing, family trade another, poor areas yet another.

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