The Good News Continues

We, in Winnipeg, can give a small cheer. We have hit 21 days straight in Winnipeg without having a new covid 19 case. This is a very good thing as we continue with phase 2 of our re-opening. In the province we have had 5 new cases which doesn’t sound that good. It isn’t what it seems at first glance. Those 5 cases are temporary foreign workers that just arrived and were quarantined when they arrived. We have large vegetable farms in Manitoba and every year they bring in temporary workers. This year there couldn’t be an exception, crops need to be looked after. The rules put in place has made it possible to quickly test them and isolate the positives from the rest, but everyone is quarantined for a minimum of two weeks and will have regular testing. So good news for Winnipeg and for the province also. We still have to be vigilant and continue social distancing, and most of all wash our hands often. For my wife and myself that will continue along with sanitizing everything coming in our house. These things we will keep up until there is a vaccine. Common sense tells us that is the intelligent things to do. I don’t listen to people who tell me these things aren’t necessary because those people are total fools. God gave me a brain and I tend to use it.

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1 Response to The Good News Continues

  1. A_Boleyn says:

    Good news indeed. We’ve had 5 new cases from yesterday.

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