I’m Not Nuts About Barbecuing

I like barbecuing, but the key word is like only. The limit of my like is what I bbq, steak, pork chops, chicken, and wieners, hamburgers because my wife makes me. My wife, I feel thinks that everyday in the summer when the sun is shining I should be barbecuing. Not my idea of how I spend my summer cooking. Yes I think about barbecuing in the winter, just the times I am craving a good steak and that’s the only way to get a great steak. I know some people are not like me, barbecuing is their passion in the summer. Everything they can possibly cook on a barbecue gets put on it. The other day my wife wanted me to make pizza on ours, yes I know it can be done. That I did years ago, so done it, had it, not doing it again. Yes for the family I do cook more than my limited likes, but I prefer my stove and frying pans. Our son Ian once took a picture of the mountain of shish kabobs that I made. So when it’s a family meal I have done a number of more creative things. For me barbecuing is just a do it quick and simple thing that I have to do. My wife usually wants hamburgers and hotdogs when we have a family meal in the summer, which the family likes. That is coming up soon, so maybe it’s time for something a little different than a hamburger that would be better at Salisbury House. Today at least I got something I like, hotdogs.

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This is me on a bad day.
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7 Responses to I’m Not Nuts About Barbecuing

  1. Oh, Graham, you would be labeled as blasphemous, here in the southern parts of the U.S. Your honesty is commendable but the truth hurts. Barbecue is life, itself! I’m grilling chicken wings today and tomorrow I’ll be roasting tomatillos and serrano chiles. Then…it’s ribeye steaks! Enjoy your hotdog. 🙂

    • LOL! Yes even my family thinks I am a little nuts, that’s until they taste what comes off the stove. Well my hotdogs aren’t the 12 in a plastic package kind. I use local made smoked European wiener from a Winnipeg only butcher. There’s nothing wrong with a good tube steak.

      • Ha ha! I don’t doubt that you make a mean dog. Save one for me…but not that burnt one!

      • Ha! I didn’t say I was bad at bbqing, actually I do it rather well. I would put my bbqed steak up against anyone’s and worse cases would be they could tie me. LOL. Think it’s all the chicken my wife wants me to bbq that takes the fun out of it. Steak is on my list for shopping day then she can have all the chicken she wants. Hope you didn’t burn your wings.

      • Maybe it’s a Canadian thing, hotdog wiener aka tube steak. LOL. Should give you a lesson in talk like a toban aka Manitoban.

      • Oh, that’s great…’toban’. I feel like a local already!

      • LOL will send you a list of “toban” things and see if you can give the common name to them. Manitoba is kind of a unique place. No one says “eh” at the end of a sentence. But we do kind of have a special language for certain things. Fun fact, a lot of Americans that come here to play professional sports end up staying in Winnipeg after they retire. It’s a special city, good example for you, google folkarama Winnipeg it will give you an idea of what we’re like.

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