Sometimes You Just Have To Say Something

I, as a rule in life keep my nose out of other people’s business. Sometimes I can’t keep that rule and have to say something about things I see. Mr. Floyd’s murder is one of those times. My sympathy goes out to his family in this tragedy. No family should have to suffer the pain they’re going through being played out on tv.

I grew up in another time, but I grew up knowing the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. My mother told me that no one on this earth, not even any King or Queen, was any better than me. But I had to remember I was no better than anyone else. As she put it everyone has to put their pants on one leg at a time. It may have taken me awhile to fully grasp the true meaning of it. When I did grasp it, it became how I treated people. Regardless of a person’s race, when I meet them I treated them as a friend. I was their equal and they were my equal. For me it’s how everybody should treat everybody else in life.

My grandfather told me that you need to take a stand when you see things going on around you. One side of the fence is right and good and the other side is wrong and evil, if you think you can straddle the fence all your going to get is a sore crotch. The things I have seen in the last 8 days in the United States have been terrible. The murder of Mr. Floyd was evil, the protests are good, the looting is wrong, the marches around the world is right.

So I will take my stand on what I see. The good people protesting need to take a stand, and when they see the looters they need to stop them, not walk away and let them do it. To see them and do nothing, makes you as bad as the looters. Just like the 3 police officers who did nothing while Mr. Floyd died are as bad as the officer who murdered him.

I apologize for sticking my nose in other people’s business and if I have offended anyone I am sorry for that. Sometimes you just have to say something.

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This is me on a bad day.
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3 Responses to Sometimes You Just Have To Say Something

  1. A great pity more people do not say something more often…we might not have this level of mess had they done so.
    And if they arrest this man for passing a dud note, what are they doing about the Federal Reserve, printing dud notes by the billion?

  2. I agree with your sentiment, Graham. I don’t want to turn my food blog into a rant about sociopolitical shortcomings but we can’t always keep the lid on a boiling pot.

    • Yes! It’s not my thing on here. I would rather spend my time talking about how goofy. I was at the point where something needed to be said. As my grandfather told me, sometimes a man has to take a stand and open his mouth even when he would rather keep it shut. I hope I never do it again.

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