Haircut Dilemma Is Over

Getting my haircut tomorrow at 11, which is a relief. I asked when was my last haircut, it was 4 months and 11 days ago. Debated over that time about letting my wife cut it but decided no. Been using my mustache trimmer to keep it sort of not looking totally terrible. The outcome of that has been the white helmet I created. It will definately be nice to see the last of the white helmet. I like having snow white hair, but for the last 2 months I have been hating the look. Hopefully I don’t get charged to much extra for the amount of hair that will hit the floor.

About Graham Stewart

This is me on a bad day.
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6 Responses to Haircut Dilemma Is Over

  1. I can relate. My last haircut was sometime in early January. I got mine cut yesterday. I could have made a poodle out of the hair that was left on salon floor!

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