A Day With A Minor Milestone

Today for Manitoba we have hit a milestone in our fight with covid 19. There are only 9 active cases left in Manitoba, single digits for the first time in months. That milestone is a clear indicator that we have been and are doing the right things. Monday we move into our phase 2 of getting to what will be our new normal until there is a vaccine. Hopefully things will go as well in phase 2 as they did in phase 1. We will all still have to keep our guard up so that we can continue proceeding to our new normal. The next milestone we need to hit is the big one. When we hit the day with no active cases we can all cheer, but even then we need to keep up the things that will got us there. We need to insure that we don’t slide back, and have to go through what we are coming out of.

On a personal note I finally feel comfortable in getting a hair cut. It has been over 4 months since my last hair cut, so it is greatly needed. Strange things is the Magicuts site I have been going to for the last 35 years is the only one of their sites still closed. Hopefully that changes by Monday and I can make an appointment. Will likely have to pay extra for the amount of hair they will have to cut. Thought about taking before and after pictures, but don’t need a reminder of how bad my white helmet looks.

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This is me on a bad day.
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2 Responses to A Day With A Minor Milestone

  1. That’s great! Hopefully no more new cases and slowly life will go back to “normal” 😊

    • It will not go back to the old normal until there’s a vaccine, but we can get to a new normal that includes some social distancing when in line and in stores and restaurants. And maintaining the personal sanitation and public sanitation we are doing now. That is my vision of our new normal.

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