My Treat For Lunch

984A6F51-33FF-4C2C-9E71-DB66FB455F1AMy wife is at our daughters today, yes here we feel safe enough to be together with our family. So lunch was just for myself. Felt like have something I consider a total treat, a plate of melted cheese. The reasons it’s a treat are the memories that come with it and it just tastes great. Those memories are in my original post Oct. 26, 2019.

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This is me on a bad day.
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7 Responses to My Treat For Lunch

  1. So glad that your family can meet up again…

    • We have been very lucky here, last 18 days we have had just 3 new cases, and those 3 are connected to each other. We have 1.4 million people in the province and have only had a total of 292 cases. People here took it very seriously and we started social distancing and staying at home early. Those things worked extremely well and now we’re able to contact trace any new case quickly and stop any out break from a new case. We are still reopening slow and in a smart way. So now families can get together which is great.

  2. Sheree says:

    I’m sorry Graham but that doesn’t look very appetising. However, I’m going to assume it’s your riff on raclette.

    • LOL! I know it doesn’t look great but it tastes great. Extra old cheddar cheese melted under the broiler until the top is crisp. It is a play on something my mother use to make my brother and I as a treat snack. She would take a cube of cheese on a fork and open the top of the wood stove and hold it in the flame. The outside would get crispy and the inside would be melted. I don’t have a wood stove so this is my way of recreating that memory. You would be surprised at how good it tastes with the addition of a little salt and pepper.

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