Chicken Breasts Marinated In Italian Salad Dressing

D53132B2-2D3E-4D5B-8EA9-39ED9AD5BCEFNormally I make my own salad dressings because there super easy to make and taste better. There are times I buy it, but not for salads, just to use as a marinade. I have tried my own versions for marinades but didn’t like the results. The result I get from a bottled salad dressing is much more consistent. Because I don’t measure things with absolute precision with salad dressing the outcome is varied. Factory salad dressing is consistent, and so is the outcome when used as a marinade. The other good thing is you have lots of choices you can use. I have used probably 10 different salad dressings from Italian to Ranch. Chicken I usually use Italian, Greek, Sun-dried tomato, and Ranch. You can bake, fry, or bbq it and end up with a great result. Since the cooking of it is varied this is just about marinating it.

2 flattened chicken breasts. ( After you have flattened then go at them with a fork and poke them full of holes and do both sides, the more holes the better )

3/4 cup Italian salad dressing

1 flat bottom bowl just big enough to fit the chicken breasts in

I have found using a bowl works better than a zip lock bag, the bag method gives inconsistent coverage of the breasts.

Cover the bottom of the bowl with about 1/3 of the salad dressing. Place the breasts in the bowl and spread the rest of the salad dressing over them and refrigerate. They can stay in the fridge up to 24 hours.

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