It’s Not Canadian Bacon, It’s Back Bacon

50AE0E69-2F54-446B-BE05-0BF45C1C5596I am not sure how or why Americans started calling back bacon, Canadian bacon, but it seems to be their choice. Granted it was created in Canada by a very talented person. But what was created isn’t what Americans put on pizza and call Canadian bacon. In reality the person who created peameal back bacon was an Englishman, William Davies in 1854. Over the years two kinds of back bacon became available, peameal which is coated in cornmeal, which is the real Canadian bacon, and plain back bacon. Peameal back bacon is by far the better product and is expensive, occasionally I find it on sale, and if I do I buy it. The other back bacon is also an expensive product as it is only about 20 percent cheaper than peameal. We prefer both types of back bacon to pork belly bacon. I was lucky and found back bacon at a very reasonable price so it became our breakfast for supper meal. Back bacon, bean, fried eggs, and toast, normally a breakfast but also a very good supper. No recipe required, everyone knows how to fry bacon, heat up a can of beans, and fry an egg.

So this is for the Americans, peameal back bacon was created in Canada, but what you call Canadian bacon was first made by a butcher in Buffalo NY. He couldn’t get the cornmeal to stick to it, so he sold it without the cornmeal coating. I don’t see anyone putting peameal back bacon on their pizza. I do see them putting the back bacon first made in Buffalo NY, so what their using should be properly called Buffalo bacon. Or even better, just call it back bacon not Canadian bacon.

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9 Responses to It’s Not Canadian Bacon, It’s Back Bacon

  1. I’ve never understood the misconception either but, as an American, I must continue to be stubborn and call it by the name I learned when I was young. What passes in the states as Canadian bacon is really just cured, smoked ham…a nice lean cut of ham, but ham nonetheless. Now, where did I put my tuque?

    • LOL! It’s toque, yes not many places use real back bacon, they use ham. Real back bacon including peameal is made with pork loin. Peameal is you get a chance to find some is a much better back bacon. The peameal changes the taste and keeps it moist and actually tenderizes it. Should send you a REAL toque with Canada across the front.

      • I almost spelled it toque but now I’m glad I didn’t. 🙂

      • Google toque and see what pops up. I think I have 3 of them in the closet.

      • Since you like making things you should try making peameal bacon. It’s the small 8 inches of the pork loin. Lots of recipes on line for the brine and any will work. Think I told you my maternal grandfather was a butcher and he made it, may have posted it not sure. 3 tricks from the on line recipe missing. 1- when it comes out of the brine dry it and then hang it to air dry in the fridge for 2 days. 2- rub it liberally with corn syrup and then coat it with fine cornmeal packing it well. 3- wrap it tightly with wax paper ( plastic wrap works better) and refrigerate for a week before using. I have made it a few times but know with just the 2 of us it makes to much.

      • Wow, that sounds like work! I’m usually averse to work but your passionate plea might spur me on to try it!

      • Noticed you buy whole pork loins, the small end the butcher couldn’t use for chops so peameal bacon was a use that gave a higher profit than stew meat. It’s easy to make just takes a bit of time. Small end tied tight and brined for a week so it about a 16 day job, but whole time you work at it is about a half hour. So even if your feeling lazy it isn’t much work.

      • LOL, before you put the corn syrup and the cornmeal on you cut the string off.

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