Supper Like We Are Eating Out

We may not be able to go to a restaurant for supper, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a meal like we would have in a restaurant. It means I am actually cooking 2 different meals, one for my wife and one for myself. Yes a little extra work but why not have fun while we are social distancing. It may seem goofy to make 2 different things, but it is what would happen if we went to a restaurant. My wife would order something she likes and so would I. My wife is keeping her supper simple, I on the other hand and giving into a craving. This is just my way of having fun and kind of treating ourselves. For my wife it’s a roasted chicken leg with the thigh attached, Sweet potato fries, and a salad. Mine is going to be my next post, it’s a treat meal that I have once in awhile. If you’re missing eating out try treating yourself with something you would have if you were eating out. It’s worth the extra bit of work just for how it brings good memories.

About Graham Stewart

This is me on a bad day.
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