Mothers Day Lasagna

F1D8FE82-8985-423B-9EAF-2947A4ED481EBC6AA941-A0FF-41A5-AD87-66BCBD764DBEWhen I asked my wife what she wanted me to make her for Mother’s Day supper I was ninety nine percent sure she would say lasagna. I was right, there wasn’t a moment of thought about what she wanted. Lasagna seems to be something she suggests often for special meals, if the kids are coming for supper. I usually try to suggest other things, not because I dislike lasagna, it’s because the lasagna I make is expensive. I figured out the cost a few years ago and it works out to be between 25 and 30 dollars, a roast of beef or pork, even a turkey is less expensive. The only saving grace is with a large salad it feeds a lot of people. I actually really like lasagna and enjoy making it, but only a few times a year. Pasta isn’t something I grew up eating all the time, it was macaroni and cheese or tomatoes occasionally, spaghetti was a treat. I can’t remember my mother ever making lasagna, it is something I first had in a restaurant. Most pastas I first had in restaurants and I found they were things I totally enjoyed. About the only pasta I don’t like is the ones that have any kind of squash as part of it. Pasta I could eat more often than we have it, we try to only have it once a week, today is a special day so we’re breaking that rule. Lasagna my way maybe expensive, but it is really good. I know my family loves the lasagna I make, and most of all I know my wife loves it. It was an absolute pleasure to make it for her for Mother’s Day supper. The recipe for my version of lasagna is a March 18, 2019 post. There’s lots of leftovers because I made my normal sized lasagna. That’s ok because it will keep in the fridge for 3 or 4 days, it also freezes well. We will freeze it in portion size and have it over the next few months.

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