Relaxing The Restrictions

Monday is the day for us in Manitoba to start relaxing the restrictions, but it not going to be anything major. Yes some retail with reopen with major restrictions as to number of people allowed in a store. Best way to explain it is divide store square footage by 120 and that’s how many are allowed. Most small retail that will mean 4 to 6 people at any time. Workers will require masks and gloves and strict sanitary procedures. Restaurants have very strict rules also and very limited seating. Parks will reopen with restricted times and strict physical distancing rules. The news that put a little cheer in my heart but only a momentary cheer was hair salons and barber shop can reopen. The rules they will have to operate under are extremely strict, which is a very good thing. So soon hopefully I can get rid of this snow white helmet that has grown on my head. But that will come for me a few weeks from now for 2 reasons. Other people need their hair cut more than I do, so I can wait. Where I go size will limit them to only 2 people in the building. So 2 or 3 weeks from now I’ll try and get it cut. Second reason is I want to see what the effect of this first stage has on the success we have had controlling covid 19. If things stay as they are now then I’ll get my hair cut, even if I have to make an appointment. Before we move to the second stage of reopening the government will review the effects of the limited first stage, hopefully things stay well and we can move to the second stage at the end of May. If they don’t then we go back to exactly what we are doing now. So hopefully by the end of May we can hug our grandchildren, and not have to be 6 feet away from our family just to talk to them. The 4 stage plan is hinged on each stage not showing an increase in the number of covid 19 cases. The people of Winnipeg and Manitoba have done a great job with sticking to the restrictions, and it has worked for us. Yes there has been the odd JACKASS that hasn’t but not many of them. Now we all have to continue doing the right thing as we very slowly move to what will be our new normal.

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  1. kachaiweb says:

    That sounds like a really good plan. Our restrictions will be adjusted on Monday. And from there step by step. I’m curious how the statistics will evolve.

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