The End Of The Tunnel Is Very Close

We are nearing the end of this damn long tunnel, thankfully. Last 2 days only 1 new case of covid 19, had two days before that with 4 and 3 cases related to previous cases. So by the end of this week we will know if we have stop this and when and how we can start relaxing restrictions. We are in a position where we can trace and isolate any new case quickly. It won’t happen quickly but will be in stages so we can respond quickly to anything that happens, which is the smart thing to do. Hopefully by the middle of May I will be able to run to the store safely when I need something. I give full praise to how our Federal, Provincial, and City government has reacted and handled this. They are already planning how to handle any possible out break in the fall which is an intelligent thing. I will be very glad to start moving forward to our new normal.

About Graham Stewart

This is me on a bad day.
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