Pork With Lots Of Zeal Changed A Little

97CC36D5-4F7A-46C9-9FA1-C6A1EA2919DDPork with lots of zeal is an old recipe that was parked for to many years. I made it this January and it got one of the 2 great compliments from my wife, she said it was delicious. She asked me to make it again so that was our supper tonight. Thing was I was missing two things from the original recipe, so I made a couple of little changes. Since I don’t run to the store just because I am missing something, now it’s modify and hope it works. This wasn’t a big part to change and it still got the big compliment from my wife, it was still delicious. Yes I wish I could of run to the store but we play the hand we’re dealt. The original recipe posted Jan. 23, 2020 has white wine and parsley which I didn’t have. So I replaced the wine amount with beef broth and the parsley which green onion tops. It worked and gave us a meal as good as the original just a little different. Best part of it was my wife telling me it was delicious. Still I wish I could of ran to the store and got white wine and parsley. Not much longer here in Manitoba and I can get back to doing that, when I need something, just will be careful when I do.

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