I Can’t Bite My Tongue On This

I am a Canadian citizen, but I am also a citizen of this world. I am a person that doesn’t limit myself to what is happening in my little chunk of this planet. I keep myself informed about what is happening around the world. Normally I avoid saying anything on my blog that has nothing to do with cooking. But there are times when somethings are so egregious that I can’t bite my tongue. When I heard the statement about using light and putting light inside a person and injecting disinfectant I was shocked. Then suggesting scientists should look into the use of it, I was flabbergasted. There are people a lot smarter than myself, but you don’t have to be a genius to know that is stupid and dangerous. Any thinking human knows that ingesting or injecting a disinfectant will kill you. That’s why they have warning labels on them. Asking scientists, in this crisis, to waste their time looking into it is asinine. I hope the scientists are strong enough not to even consider this stupidity.

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This is me on a bad day.
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1 Response to I Can’t Bite My Tongue On This

  1. kachaiweb says:

    Sometimes it is really a crazy world we live in!

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