BBQ Pork Tenderloin, Sort Of

37C53627-6E2D-4E92-B134-2A3679B4944BPork tenderloin I buy everytime I see it on sale, just because I can use it for a number of different meals. Usually it comes in a package of two tenderloins. When I get them home I always remove the silver skin and cut them in half hour  lengthwise. I wrap each portion separately in plastic wrap and freeze them. For the two of us half a tenderloin is enough for any recipe I make. I use them for stir fry, even for schnitzel, my wife likes them because they are always tender. Since I had some in the freezer I decided they would be a good choice for supper. Thing was what to make with it, no coming up with an idea and then running to the store to get what I needed. So it was take an inventory of what I had and come up with something that would make a good meal. This is different than how I have been cooking for the last 20 years. Yes, it is a challenge but it’s a fun challenge and I am enjoying it. In some ways it takes way more creativity than how I was cooking. A challenge is good for the mind, it makes you think of different things and different ways to do things. Since it is pork tenderloin which is very lean and really tender keeping it simple is best. So this is what I call keeping it super simple.

1/2 pork tenderloin cut in 2 pieces and flattened to about 1/2 inch thickness

Salt and pepper to taste

1 tablespoon bbq sauce

1 teaspoon butter

Preheat a small frying pan on medium high heat with the butter. Salt and pepper tenderloin, when the butter starts to brown add the tenderloin to the frying pan. Cook for 3 minutes then turn and cook for another 3 minutes. Add the bbq sauce and keep continuely turn the tenderloin in the sauce for 30 seconds then serve.

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