A White Helmet

It’s getting funny when I look in the mirror, I should of had a hair cut weeks ago. I normally keep my hair cut fairly short, unlike when I was young and it was fashionable to have longer hair. My hair started to go white when I was in my twenties so shorter hair was a better thing. It didn’t take long for it to be totally white and I tried dyeing it for a few years, but hated doing it. Answer was just embrace the white and keep it cut short. It’s gotten long because I can’t get a hair cut and I am still afraid to let my wife cut it. I have been trimming it myself and keep it from covering my ears, but the result is becoming funny. It’s like I now have a snow white helmet on my head, which is a sight when I am dressed in black. Went to get milk this morning and had black pants and a black leather jacket on and when I saw myself in the mirror I had to laugh. How much bigger the snow white helmet will get will depend on my fear of my wife cutting it. Laughing at myself may at some point out weigh the fear of my wife cutting it, but right now it’s fun to laugh at my snow white helmet.

About Graham Stewart

This is me on a bad day.
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