Why Can’t People See They’re The Problem, And The Solution?

Maybe it is because I am a realist, or maybe it is just I am totally weird, take your pick. This post will likely piss a few people off, but I believe it has to be said. I watch CNN and CBC News Network most days, it surprises me when I watch CNN that no one is pointing out the real problem that the United States has. Here’s the problem, the United States has 4.25 percent of the world population and 25 percent of the covid 19 cases. Why is that is  happening in a country like the United States, is not being addressed. My whole life I guess has been cursed, or blessed with seeing a problem but also in the same moment, solutions. I have never been afflicted with not being able to see the forest for the trees. It seems the people in the United States don’t understand the situation they are in. As a realist I see solutions not just problems and the solution in this is not rocket science. Stay home, avoid groups of people, wash your hands, but mostly stay home. I cannot understand the resistance to this in the United States. The stupidity of resisting doing those things astounds me. What’s worse is that the news outlets aren’t pointing out that the United States has 25 percent of the world cases and only 4.25 percent of the world population. I want to yell at the reporters, stop being stupid, stop looking for a politician to blame for whats happening. The politicians aren’t the problem, the people are. An intelligent person doesn’t need a politician to tell them whats the right thing to do, an intelligent person knows what the right thing is, and does it. Please start blaming the cause, the people, and stress that they are the only immediate solution.

About Graham Stewart

This is me on a bad day.
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