Weekly Shopping Trip

We went out early this morning grocery shopping, we limit ourselves to once a week shopping. Early morning is a good time because the stores are cleaned overnight, and they have a seniors time then. It’s strange for us to only shop once a week, more so for me than my wife. We got everything we were looking for and something’s we bought just because it was a good deal.

Here’s what we did when we got home with our groceries, we washed our hands with soap and water when got everything in the house. Everything got placed on the counter, we had a bowl with water and bleach in it. We filled the sink with water and vinegar. All the fruit and vegetables we washed in the sink, dried them and then put them in the fridge. Boxes, cans, bottles, and packages we wiped with a cloth that we had in the bowl of water and bleach. We then wiped the counter with the water bleach solution, then wiped the door handles. Next thing was we washed our hands with soap and water.

Is this over doing it, absolutely not. This is what needs to be done, who knows who touched the products before we bought them. Is it a lot of work, NO! it took us just 15 minutes. If your not doing this with your groceries start doing it now. The best protection for you is yourself, do smart simple common sense thing and protect yourself and your family.

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This is me on a bad day.
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