Back In Time

Supper tonight is very simple, poached eggs on toast, beans, and bacon. This leaves me time to think, and it got me thinking about a tv show I watched a year ago ” Back In Time for Dinner”. It was interesting because it covered the decades I have lived through. So I have been thinking about how things were when I was growing up, and how they are now. Of course, like with everything that revolves around cooking.  Growing up it was mother’s teaching their daughters to cook, boys didn’t learn to cook. Daughters would ask their mothers or mother-in-law’s how to cook something for their husbands. Husbands and boys just ate what was cooked for them. Now at least in our family our children are asking me for recipes, I could let my ego run wild with that. Simple reason is that they  see me cooking and they have liked the things I forced them to eat. I see more and more men and even boys cooking and that isn’t because of me. The tv is why that has happened, they see men cooking so it has become the thing to do. It started with men barbecuing and enjoying doing it. They started watching barbecue shows that progressed to watching other cooking shows. They started trying other things and found they could do those things too. Now it is just a normal thing for men to cook, as normal as it use to be for men not to cook. This in my view is a very good thing.

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2 Responses to Back In Time

  1. Angela says:

    We saw a season of that series and just loved it. I wish it were available in the US. Like you, I share at least some of those “food” memories.

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