Tired Of Putting Up With Covid 19

Covid 19 has changed our world and not in a good way. Its effect on how we live will be long term. The changes my wife and I have made seem to effect every part of our life. They are just minor things to what others are going through. When I start getting to irritated with the limits we have put on ourselves, I have to remind myself that we are the lucky ones. It’s far worse for thousands than it is for us. It looks like Easter will pass without us having our normal family meal and that truly irritates me. So I look at the fact our family doesn’t have covid 19 so we are lucky, others are not.

When I was a teenager my maternal grandfather came to live with us and I became very close to him. I could sit for hours and listen to his stories, and there were many. Once he told me about living through the 1918 flu epidemic. He was was living in Carievale Saskatchewan at the time. He told me about how bad it was, and how whole families died with it. How the local doctor could do nothing to help them. Now I don’t know if it was just a tall tale or if it was a fact but it’s what he told me. His story was that the doctor noticed the heavy drinkers were recovering, so anyone who came down with the flu his prescription was to drink lots, basically get drunk and stay drunk until your better. He said those that did got better and the epidemic in Carievale ended. Not saying that it’s true but it is his story. He told me how lucky I was to be living in a time when something like that could never happen again. Well Granddad you were wrong, we are living through it again. His story does give me hope that we will find something that helps those infected like his story did. It’s a prayer we all need to have for the people who have covid 19.

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This is me on a bad day.
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4 Responses to Tired Of Putting Up With Covid 19

  1. Ian Stewart says:

    What I’m hearing is that I should go to the LC this weekend.

  2. Hmmm, I could go for a drink right about now.

    • LOL, that was just about the same as my son Ian’s comment about going to the LC ( liquor commission) different here, you can only get hard liquor at the government liquor stores “LC”

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