Special Things A Grandpa Looks Forward To

I really like being a Grandpa, I likely don’t show that enough. There are special things a Grandpa looks forward to happening after the birth of their first grandchild. Some simple little things like the first hug, the first time you hear them call you Grandpa, their first birthday because they are to young to know what’s happening. Then there are very special days that happen that a Grandpa never admits openly he waits to see, and be part of. The special birthdays that mark milestones in a grandchild’s life. I have one of those birthdays coming up that I have been waiting 16 years for. Our oldest grandchild is turning 16, and I have been thinking about his birthday since it turned 2020. As a grandpa that birthday our grandson is arriving at is a very special birthday. A grandpa remembers his own 16th birthday and all the feeling you have on that day. As a grandpa you want to spend time with your grandchild on that special day. Given covid 19 it appears I will miss that special time with my grandson on his 16th birthday. It hurts and angers me but I temper that will the knowledge that I can at least send text messages to him. I know we will celebrate his birthday when things get back to normal, but it isn’t the same. Covid 19 won’t win but it sure is being a hell of a pain along the way.

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This is me on a bad day.
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2 Responses to Special Things A Grandpa Looks Forward To

  1. Cathy says:

    Sorry you have to miss this Special moment but use FaceTime and then you can share the moments. Thankful Ian and you All are well.

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