Why My Making Good Gravy Post Was My Hardest Post

When I cook I really don’t measure things, been cooking enough that I just know how much I am using. With the gravy I just put water in my shaker, add flour with the scoop that’s in the flour canister and add salt and pepper. It has been years since I actually measured the amount, it’s the same with the fat in the pan. I think everyone who cooks as much as I do get to that point in cooking. Gravy is something I take great pride in making well so I thought I had better get the quantities right if I was going to post how I make my gravy.

Being the goofball I am, this is what I did to get it right to post. Found that I couldn’t use the tablet as it shut down and lost everything I was working on so went back to my laptop, that was the first challenge. I actually got everything out that I use when I roast meat so I could see what qualities I actually have when I start to make my gravy. Started first with putting water in the roasting pan to the amount I see when I take the meat out. Then I poured it in a measuring cup to see how much it was. Had to pour it back in the roasting pan so I could see how much water, flour, salt and pepper I would put in my shake-a-pudding cup. Water in the pudding cup then into a measuring cup then back in the shaker. Flour scooped out on a plate then into a measuring cup. Salt and pepper into measuring spoons. Did it 4 times with different amounts of water in the roasting pan so I could see how much it changed for different amounts of fat. Was surprised how accurate the amounts of water, flour, salt and pepper were so I now know the ratio is the same with all amounts of fat. Realized that my quess at the amounts was within a teaspoon of what I was actually using. I had to stop and make supper so really didn’t get started typing till about 8:30 in the evening. It’s was a lot of work and a fair bit of time, but as I think back to it I had fun doing it. Will I do it again, probably not, but I learned along time ago not to say never. I see the tv chefs measuring on their shows but I would bet money that at home they don’t. If your new to cooking then it’s a very good thing to measure. If your a goofball like I am you probably don’t measure much.

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2 Responses to Why My Making Good Gravy Post Was My Hardest Post

  1. eBookFoodie says:

    I’m still amazed how long the measuring, documenting, photographing and blogging all takes. But it’s worth it! I think other food bloggers can all relate! It’s even more difficult when you aren’t only cooking and blogging but have other hungry mouths waiting!

    • Yes figured out early that what’s more important, pictures, store, or recipe. You can only do 2 of the 3 or you end up with something no one wants to spend the time reading to the end. My choice was story and recipe. That’s why you don’t find 20 pictures for my recipes. Do what’s the most important not what’s for show. My view only for what it’s worth.

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