Maybe To Many Spices

I made a spice mixture I am using for tonight’s supper. My spice drawer is a 32 inch wide shallow cupboard drawer, think it’s actually for utensils but it works great for my spices. Small jam jars fit in it perfectly and everything is one layer, nothing stacked on each other. Realized while I was getting the spices I needed just how many spices I have. I just may have to many but when I looked at them all there was only one I didn’t use last year. Celery salt is the only thing I have used in a long time, because I have celery seed I just use it and add my own salt. So 36 small jam jars and 14 other packages that I don’t have jam jars for. Was thinking I should trim them down but other than the celery salt, I or my wife use them all. Guess I will just have to live with having to many spices.

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This is me on a bad day.
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1 Response to Maybe To Many Spices

  1. kachaiweb says:

    I like to use herbs and spices when cooking. I tried to slim the amount down but as I use them all and they are so important to some dishes, it is impossible to downsize.

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