Is It Supper Or Is It Breakfast

Supper for us tonight was what a lot of people would consider a breakfast not a supper. It’s something we have for supper often rather than breakfast. Honestly I can’t remember the last time we had it for breakfast, lets just say its been years. So beans, bacon and eggs really is that versitile that you can have it for breakfast, lunch, or supper. There is one problem when we have it, my wife likes poached eggs and I like fried. So we end up with an extra frying pan to wash. If I have poached eggs once a year I have had enough poached eggs for the year. Fried eggs I can have a couple of times a week. Fried egg sandwiches I really like for lunch, some time I just have fried eggs and toast. When you’re cooking bacon it just seems silly not to fry eggs in the bacon fat, so that is what I did for my eggs. My wife got her poached eggs, so we both got what we like. No pictures, no recipe everyone knows what they look like and how to fry bacon, fry or poach an egg and open a can of beans and heat them up.

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This is me on a bad day.
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